Solone Classic Eyeshadow Kit #01

Solone Classic Eyeshadow Kit #01

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  • SOLONE 經典特調眼彩盒-甜蜜微醺 7220-01 
  • Berat:1.7g*2+0.6g*6
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Pembelian Jumlah:

  • Contain texture of matte , satin, velvet light,freely choosing and matching among 8 different colors
  • Present beautiful, gradational layer effects 
  • Saturated color, delicate gloss, tight powder
  • Considerably depth, 3-dimensional, perfect blending 
  • 01-Fresh X supple X confident 
  • Spread out the hidden charm of confidence as soft and beautiful as a petal.
  • Both adorable and confident 
  • Applicable to people who are sweet and love tipsy makeup

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